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Hotel Playa Carmen Costa Rica

Hotel Playa Carmen Costa RicaHotel Playa Carmen

Located right at the doorstep of Malpais on the Nicoya Peninsula, one of the preferred destinations of surfers from around the world, lies the intimate and cozy Hotel Playa Carmen. Light sands and crystal blue waters form consistent waves for all lovers of surf whether beginners or advanced.

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Hotel Playa Carmen Costa Rica



Hotel Playa Carmen

Standard Room

Our Standard Room is located on the ground floor from where you have access to the pool and the 85/10 Snack Bar. These rooms come equipped with comfortable beds, a terrace, private bath, mini-bar, TV/DVD, safe deposit box, hair dryer and coffee maker.  RATES...

Hotel Playa Carmen Costa Rica

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Hotel Playa CarmenDeluxe Room

These rooms are located on the third floor with balcony and views of the tropical gardens, with Queen Size bed, private bath, safe-deposit box, coffee maker, mini bar and TV/DVD.  RATES...

Hotel Playa Carmen Costa Rica

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Hotel Playa Carmen Costa RicaJunior Suite

Rooms located on the second and third floor come with large, comfortable King Size beds and balconies overlooking the beautiful blue Pacific and exotic vegetation of the dry tropical forest. The rooms are equipped with a private bath, safe-deposit box, coffee maker, mini-bar and TV/DVD.  RATES...

Hotel Playa Carmen Costa Rica

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Hotel Playa Carmen Costa RicaHotel Playa Carmen Costa Rica 


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Restaurant Hotel Playa Carmen Costa RicaThe Las Olas (Spanish for The Waves) restaurant has the honor of having as Head Chef Nicola Cerasoli Valdomeri. Chef Nicolas was formerly Head Chef of the Restaurant Playa de los Artistas located in Montezuma, which has an unmatched reputation for stimulating all the senses with his culinary arts in Mediterranean style cooking.

Making up a critical part of his team is the French Chef Celine Wu.

The speciality of Las Olas Restaurant is Seafood.

The Restaurant is opened from 5:30 pm to 10:30 p.m. and The Snack Bar 85/10 from 12 m.d. to 8 p.m.

Hotel Playa Carmen



By Air (duration about 45 minutes)

Two regional airlines serve the Nicoya Peninsula from San Jose: Nature Air and Sansa. It's only about a 30 minute flight to Tambor, the regional airport and then a bout a 15 minute taxi or bus ride to Playa Carmen. You can also arrange to have a rental car available. Just contact us and we'll be happy to help you make those arrangements before your arrival. Nature Air departs from the small regional airport in Pavas, while Sansa departs from the Juan Santamaria International Airport in Alajuela. Prices vary but run between $55-$75 per person depending on whether it is high or low season.

By Car (duration about 4-5 hours)

By car from San Jose it takes about 4 hours from the Juan Santamaria International Airport to our hotel taking to following route. 1.5 hours from the airport to Puntarenas (Ferry Dock) Approximately 60 minute Ferry crossing to Paquera. Drive from Paquera fdollowing the signs to Cóbano then to Malpais, A few miles north of Malpais is Playa Carmen

Ferry Naviera Tambor phone number 2661-2084.

Departure schedule: Please ask always for the ferry departure times as they constantly change.

By Bus (duration 6 hours)

Near Downtown San Jose there is an area called "La Coca Cola". It is called this because there used to be a Coca Cola plant there decades ago but now it is where many buses depart from for various destinations around the country. In this area you can catch the bus to Malpais and Playa Carmen. The bus drops you in front of the hotel. The trip duration is 5 hours.

 Hotel Playa Carmen



Surf in Playa Carmen – Mal Pais

Surfing Mal Pais10 major reasons that have turned to Costa Rica into a destiny for surfers and their families:

1.    Warm waters and deserted beaches with paradisiac landscapes
2.    Year-round consistent waves
3.    Excellent instructors in all the region and incredible surf camps
4.    More than 700 of coastline combined on both the Caribbean and Pacific which generates surf for all levels
5.    Thousands of break points
6.    International surfing competitions
7.    Many openings from rivers to the sea especially in the Pacific coast make the surf more interesting
8.    There are no gigantic waves as you might find all year in Hawaii but kilometres of consistent breaks
9.    Costa Rica is so small that it is very easy to move from one beach to another and to have access
10.   There is a culture of acceptance of surfeadores, many shops rent boards, bars and restaurants and hotels want to help make your surfing vacation an unforgettable one - and one of these places is Hotel Playa Carmen.

Surfing in Playa Carmen - Mal Pais

The best climate is December to April.

This area is the ideal destination for surfers looking to be in a remote, calm place, with good waves and a comfortable atmosphere and many places with excellent atmosphere.

As the beach is covered with reef rocks it makes for an interesting wave formation near the beach. When the breaks are bigger check out the Manzanillo Reef to the south of Playa Carmen. The best waves can be found to the southeast of Playa Carmen.


Costa Rica will be the Venue for the World Open Surf Tournament. The tournament will be on March 8 and 9 and Playa Carme is hopeful their surfers will do well in the Copa Day & Night. Carmen Beach will hope to the surfeadores in the Glass Day & Night.

Surfers from 40 different nations will descend on beautiful Jaco Beach.

Costa Rica will compete with countries like Brazil and South Africa, two huge powers in the world of surf.

The waters of Playa Hermosa were chosen by the ISA due to their constancy in waves and their proximity (4 km) to the center of Jacó, a city that has the required infrastructure developed to provide accommodation for a large amount of people.

Not only did the natural riches of Costa Rica weigh in it's favor in the decision to choose this as the destination for this match, but also the excellent role Costa Rican surfers have played abroad.

In the last edition of this World Tournament held in Huntington Beach, CA in 2006 Costa Rica came in eighth place out of 40 nations.

From Montezuma you will be able to take a launch four times a day to Jaco. The travel time will be one hour and a half each way.



Area Attractions

Areas Around Hotel Playa Carmen

Playa Carmen Beach, Santa Teresa / Malpais

These beaches are amongst the most famous for surfing that exist. White sand, clean water and turbulent, forming excellent waves for all levels of surfers, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Hundreds of miles of great beaches has made this the destination of surfers of all ages. When the waves grow calm at the end of the day, the view of surfers resting on their boards in the sea is an unforgettable sight of peace and tranquility.






Playa Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa is made up of a group of white sand beaches which are easily accessible by several entrances off the main road and by footpaths. The beach is bordered by gigantic Pochote trees.







Playa Hermosa North of Santa Teresa

Playa Hermosa is a spectacular beach that, just like Playa Carmen, at times is deserted allowing for times of pleasurable rest. The way the beach is formed the waves break twice, perfect for beginning surfers who need practice standing up and getting stable on the board. Nevertheless there are points where the rocks produce good waves for more experienced surfers. There are several beaches in Costa Rica named Playa Hermosa, just so you won;t get confused, this one used to be called Playa San Martín, but foreigners began calling it Playa Hermosa, for obvious reasons - and today it is still known by this name.


Playa Manzanillo

This is one destination that has not become so Americanized in Costa Rica. There are few places to eat near the beach and few hotels. Access to the beach is very easy because the road runs right along the beach, in fact so close that when it is high tide the road disappears! There is a small protected bay in front protected from large waves, perfect for families with small children.

Each year there is a sand castle competition and all the people of the local town turn out to participate from the youngest to the oldest to build their greatest creations - it's a great traditional fiesta that we hope will always be continued.


Reserva Absoluta Cabo Blanco

This 1.172 hectare Reserve was established in 1963 as the only protected area set aside prior to the National Park services framework legislation being passed in 1970 guaranteeing the protection of the area. It is filled with trails allowing you to enjoy the biodiversity of the zone. This reserve occupies the major part of the southern Nicoya Peninsula protecting the oldest examples of mixed deciduous and tropical forests in the area. This zone is home to many and rare species, many of which are in danger of extinction, including birds, Jaguarundis and some species of monkeys and rodents. In this area you will find natural fresh water wells and springs, an important resource for coastal birds. There are various winding pathways that lead you to it's beautiful beach. Magnificent nature and wildlife. Hiking to the beach must be done early in the day as the journey takes nerly 2 hours and you must return along the same pathway. The Reserve is closed on Monday and Tuesday.


Refugio de Vida Silvestre Curú

One of the smaller protected areas of the country made up of only 0.85 km2 concentrated mostly on mangrove swamps and dry tropical forest. This protected zone is located on a private Mango farm in an extension of approximately 10 km2. Their owners planted a great variety of fruit bearing trees in strategic locations designed to attract animals, included amongst those you might encounter would be white faced monkeys, pizotes, squirrels, mapaches and a great variety of water fowl along the coast. You can gain access by land from Nicoya or Paquera and it's only a few kilometers from Playa Tambor.


Trail to Playa Grande (Sendero a Playa Grande)

The trail starts at the Public school and just past Montezuma Beach continues along a through a forest and along the beach. In about 20 minutes you will arrive at Piedra Colorado (Red Rock) where a small stream empties into the ocean. Keep walking for one more hour and you will arrive at a tranquil, deserted beach named Playa Grande. You can continue walking another 45 minutes and you will arrive at a waterfall that falls into the sea.


Isla Cementerio - Cabuya

It is possible to gain access by foot when the tide is low by means of a footpath (15 minute walk). The Montezuma bus leaves for Cabuya at 8:30 a.m. each day, or drive along the sea for 7 kms.








Cascadas de Montezuma  

Justo al sur del pueblo de Montezuma frente al Hotel Amor de Mar puede ingresar a disfrutar las Cascadas de  Montezuma  (40 minutos de caminata).  La primer cascada cae en un lago que le permite nadar por su agradable poza de agua cristalina.  Desde esta ubicación no se logra visualizar las otras cascadas, pero si sube el costado de la colima por medio de un sendero que existe accesará a la segunda y tercera cascada que dan una magnífica vista del bosque tropical seco.

River walk to the Cascadas de Montezuma 

Just south of Montezuma in front of the Hotel Amor de Mar you can enjoy the Cascadas de Montezuma (or Montezuma Waterfalls), only a 40 minute walk away. the first cascade falls into a lake where you can swim in crystal blue waters. From there you cannot see the other falls but if you climb up the flank of the falls by means of a path on one side you will be able to see a second and third waterfall higher up that provide a magnificent view of the tropical dry forest.
Family Picnic along Rio Bongo, Rio Lajas - Special for Europeans

This river stroll is very relaxing. Consult reception for more details since this is a stroll more for Costa Rican locals, but if your vacation includes getting to know and enjoy the local culture this stroll is for you. Don't forget a picnic basket and your swimming gear for a dip in the river just like the local families do.



“Cute small hotel”
Playa Carmen Hotel - COSTA RICA
Overall I was pleased with our stay at this hotel. The rooms are nice, it's all very new and pleasant. It is located in a small shopping center so there are several restaurants to choose from right there as well as other basic services across the street, and it's also close to the beach (1-2 blocks away).
However, I was a bit disappointed with the breakfast that was included with the rate of the room because it was pretty limited.
Also, the pool area is tiny and it gets crowded easily. When we were there, there was a large group of families travelling together staying in the first floor in front of the pool and they took over the pool all day, making it very crowded and noisy, so we didn't feel comfortable staying and didn't get a chance to have any quiet time by the pool.

“Full of details”
Playa Carmen Hotel - COSTA RICA
Hotel Playa Carmen, it is the best boutique hotel in the area. The beach with white sand and great spot for surfing was very relaxing.
Have a great relaxing weekend.

“Incredible find!”
Playa Carmen Hotel - COSTA RICA
This hotel wasn't even in the guidebooks but we had friends stay there and rave about it, so we decided to try it out. It was perfect. It offered so much more than any of the other hotels in the area that were priced twice as much as this property. It is brand new, has a great pool and bar area and the rooms are modern. Definitely try this spot if you're in Mal Pais and you can walk down the street to the best pizza place on the beach.

“Wonderful hotel!!!”
Playa Carmen Hotel - COSTA RICA
Wow- This was a great hotel, very clean and great location, steps from Playa Carmen and right in the middle of dining in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais. They have a great little pool area with lounge chairs and a bar. I would def recommend this place to anyone visiting the area and for the price it is a steal! Plus they have computers and free internet which was a big bonus! The only complaint I had was the spa connected with the hotel, totally a tourist trap, overly pried for what you get, my boyfriend received a so-so massage and they wanted to charge him 20 dollars more when he asked the massage therapist to rub harder on a couple spots that were sore on his back, so instead of a relaxation they wanted to charge for deep tissue which it clearly was not. The massage room was not closed off and he could hear outside noise. And I had a manicure that was only good, no little arm/hand massage, and my lady was chatting the whole time with other co workers, a half hour not worth 20 dollars.

Love it love it.
Playa Carmen Hotel - COSTA RICA
“Perfect Spot In Mal Pais/Santa Teresa”
Playa Carmen Hotel
We spent five of our six nights in Mal País/Santa Teresa at Hotel Playa Carmen, WE LOVED IT!! The hotel is clean, accommodating and the rooms are bright and inviting. The pool is gorgeous and refreshing. The hotel is located just steps from Playa Carmen and the location allows you to explore all dining options in the area, from the local sodas to Umi sushi, to Franks place. Everything is just steps away from the hotel and despite the hotel being in the center of it all it still is an escape tranquil and quiet its the perfect spot to relax.

Our days were spent exploring, ATV-ing, walking the beaches from Playa Carmen to Playa Santa Teresa all the way to El Peñón. It was nice knowing after the long days we could spend relaxing nights back at Playa Carmen after watching the sunset.

I recommend this hotel to everyone who is considering coming to Mal País, I think it is perfect. We spent our first night elsewhere because we wanted something remote and mountainside and unless you are OK with bugs and the commute into town for food and drink options I suggest you stay close to Playa Carmen.

We ATV-ed all along Mal País to Playa Hermosa and I have to say we made the best possible decision staying at Hotel Playa Carmen it really was enjoyable!! Thanks to the staff, we loved our stay!!

“Loved Hotel Playa Carmen!”
Playa Carmen Hotel - COSTA RICA
The hotel is only 8 months old, and everything is brand new, and clean. The staff really keeps up on the property- sweeping and mopping the floors all throughout the day. The front desk staff is great- especially Nancy. They are all very nice, and go above and beyond to make your stay even better. The hotel grounds, and rooms are set in a modern decor with all the comforts of home. Flat screen TV, DVD player with free DVD rentals at the front desk, air conditioning, fan, and an in room fridge that actually has reasonably priced product, unlike other hotel room mini bars. Your room has free Wi-Fi if you want to bring your laptop, or leave the laptop at home, and use the Internet computer terminals they provide free of charge. They also offer free breakfast every day of your stay! They have a restaurant, bar, Jacuzzi, and a small pool on premises.

The website for some reason seems a bit difficult to find in a search engine, so I provided the link below. It says "site under construction" but if you go into the Spanish section, you can at least look at pictures of the property even if you can't understand the footnotes.

For those that want to read on- a little information about the Malpais/Playa Carmen/Santa Teresa area.

Just so travelers aren't disappointed upon arrival, these are a few things you should know:

Travelers who are use to the mega resorts with acres of manicured property, and multiple huge pools with waterfalls should look elsewhere. Not that these resorts don't exist in these areas, just understand they are not common lodging and you will pay top dollar. Even coming to the southern Nicoya peninsula area is some-what roughing it.
Commercial airlines do not travel directly into Tambor (closest airport to malpais/playa carmen/santa teresa) You first land in the capital of San Jose. From San Jose you have an option of a 6-8 hour bus ride, or a 25 minute domestic flight to Tambor on a prop plane such as Sansa, or Nature air. After landing in Tambor, it would be about a 40 minute cab ride through some of the countries bumpiest roads to the malpais/playa carmen/santa teresa area.

The beaches of Malpais/Playa Carmen/Santa Teresa are surfing beaches, and the current is rough most of the time. In the earlier part of the day you may be able to take a dip, but I do not recommend for someone who is not an advanced swimmer. Don't expect beaches lined with chair rentals and umbrellas- people just lay on a towel.

These areas are also undeveloped with unpaved dusty streets. However, the grounds of the Playa Carmen hotel are connected to a chain of quaint boutiques, and restaurants that make it seem as if you are some place else. When you go out to the main street, it's totally different. Not unsafe by any means, but definitely undeveloped as I mentioned earlier.

The common lodging of the area are $8 - $25 a night cabinas. However if you are a couple that is interested in surfing, or learning how to surf, it would definitely be best to opt for a place like Playa Carmen Hotel. If you are not a surfer, or a surf enthusiast there are definitely better options for your vacation elsewhere in the country of Costa Rica.

I hope this info helps anyone who is unfamiliar. I don't usually like to write long winded reviews, but this is the kind of info I always hope to find when traveling to an unfamiliar destination.

“The Best Hotel in Mal Pais and Santa Theresa”
Playa Carmen Hotel - COSTA RICA
If you want a place without bugs,ants etc this is the hotel for you. It´s new and superclean-both the rooms and the property and Erica in the reception is the nicest person ever. It has a small but nice pool, free jaccuzzi, bar and a restaurant. It´s only 100-150 m from the beach and they have free sunchairs. The beach is perfect for surfing.
If you going to this area Playa Carmen hotel (and Casa Azul) is the only place worth the money. Well Florblanca looks nice to but its too far away from everthing and very expensive.

Most of the midrage hotels in the mal pais and santa teresa costs between 40-160 dollars/night and they all seem to have problems with septiktanks, water, bugs, ants etc. Playa Carmen don´t, you can just relax and have a good time. We had a standard room and it was very nice with King Bed, mini bar, dvdplayer, showerfacilities, air-con, free breakfast buffé.
We live for introducing like-minded adventurers to the natural beauty hidden away in the outer reaches of this region - a good many sights rarely seen by the human eye. We guarantee an adventure that reflects our long standing commitment to real life-changing experiences and world-class service.

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Taxi Boat Jaco to Montezuma
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